2019 Training Class Schedule & Registration Info

 About the Instructor:  

John Robbins has been providing national technical support to machine tool builders,  distributors and end users since 1990. He has provided his training on multiple occasions to Boeing Aircraft, General Motors, Allison Transmission and many other large corporations. 

Basic Course: CNC Troubleshooting - FANUC Controls

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  • 4 day course
  • Course Fee: $1,750
  • All participants receive a 200 page manual and lab exercises
  • Certificate is given upon completion of the course
  • Lunches provided

Available Dates/Locations

  • August 13-16, 2019-Nashville/LaVergne, TN Class Full
  • October 1-4, 2019-Lousiville, KY Class Full
  • October 7-10, 2019-Lousiville, KY
  • November 5-8, 2019-Lousiville KY 

This course is designed for mechanics and technicians who will be troubleshooting CNC equipment with Fanuc controls. We will emphasize how the electronics and mechanics interact in order to troubleshoot a problem.

The course will cover the three primary areas of CNC troubleshooting:

  1. Electrical – Motors, servos, encoders, ladder logic and diagnostics.
  2. Mechanical – The major components that make up a machine tool.
  3. Environmental – Outside factors such as leveling, power, tooling

During the course, students will assemble a CNC machine simulator. This includes items such
as box and linear guide ways, gibbs, ballscrews and a lubrication system. As the machine is
assembled we will discuss each component, the proper installation method and how it can fail.
Test and adjustment procedures will be done on each of the major components.

After the assembly, we will discuss and test the servo motors, drives and encoders.
The machine tool interface, including ladder logic will be covered along with screen

In addition, errors will be introduced into the machine after the assembly, and the students will use what they have learned in class to diagnose the problems.

Students will be presented with various scenarios dealing with machine failures. They will discuss potential causes for the failure and determine a logical series of tests in order to quickly isolate the problem.


Advanced FANUC Troubleshooting

Email Us or call 888-672-6857 to request registration

  • 4 day course 
  • Course Fee: $1,750
  •  All participants receive a 200 page manual and lab exercises. 
  • Certificate is given upon completion of the course. 

Available Dates/Locations

  • August 19-22, 2019-Nashville/LaVergne, TN Class Full
  • November 11-14, 2019-Lousiville KY 

This course provides the advanced training needed by CNC service technicians to fully understand the workings of a Fanuc controlled CNC machine.

The students will use a hands on approach to create ladder logic programs, install and remove scale feedback systems and modify parameter settings. We will be using a simulator equipped with a Fanuc 32i series control and ALPHAi series drives.

In many cases, simulation software can be used to recreate the actual machines used on your shop floor. This allows the students to diagnose errors using your ladder logic.

This is a hands on class. The students will use what they have learned to debug problems introduced into the simulator. At the end of the class the students will be broken up into teams. Each team will work together to create errors that are introduced into the simulator. They then swap positions and debug the errors.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Establishing servo parameter settings
  • Enabling and disabling of scale feedback system
  • Parameter details
  • Data Registers
  • Creating M-Codes, timers and alarms
  • Adding additional I/O to a Fanuc control
  • Using ladder logic and diagnostics


2017 Stevie Gold Winner for Sales & Customer Service
Tennessee Industrial Electronics, LLC, Electronic Equipment & Supplies Wholesale & Manufacturers, La Vergne, TN